By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

BAHIA, BRAZIL, June 25, 2008 ( – The statistics sound horrifying.  “One hundred and twenty-two homosexuals and transvestites were murdered in Brazil in 2007, one every three days, an increase of 30% over the previous year,” states a report from the Gay Group of Bahia, a Brazilian homosexual organization that claims to be the oldest such organization in the country.

Although the organization has little evidence that any of the murders were a “hate crime” based on sexual orientation, the Gay Group of Bahia calls the situation a “homocaust”, in a reference to the murder of millions of Jews by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi regime. 

Olavo de Carvalho, a Brazilian philosopher and political commentator who now lives in the United States, says that homosexuals are engaging in a ploy to gain sympathy for their political agenda, using statistics in a selective manner to create the illusion of persecution.

Writing in the Jornal do Brasil, one of the nation’s most prominent newspapers, Carvalho opines that “only unconcealed paranoia could allow, for example, in a country where there are 50,000 homicides every year, spread over the whole territory of eight and a half million square kilometers, for the description of the murder of 120 homosexuals as a wave of homophobic genocide.” (see full text in English at

“However, it is only necessary for someone to appeal to such a statistical comparison and instantly, among cries of revulsion and tears of indignation from the crowd, he is accused of homophobia and of being an apostle of genocide,” adds Carvalho.

The statistics bear out Carvalho’s claim. In comparison to the overall murder rate in Brazil, which is about 28 per 100,000 people, the murder rate for homosexuals documented by the Gay Group of Bahia is far less.  If the assumption is made that the population is 5% homosexual (a statistic that many studies suggest is significantly inflated), the documented rate is only 1.31 per 100,000.  

The Gay Group of Bahia, in its annual report on homosexual murder victims, seems to classify every murder of a homosexual as an example of “homophobia”, even when the perpetrator is another homosexual, or the personal habits of the victim, rather than his sexual orientation, is the apparent reason for the crime. 

For example, the most recent crime of “homophobia” posted on the group’s site is the June 23 murder of a 29-year-old homosexual, Augusto Bispo dos Santos, who was shot five times with a 32 caliber handgun in his apartment. 

No evidence is given in the Gay Group’s report of hatred towards homosexuals as a motive of the crime. In fact, the report admits that “according to the police…Fernando was a homosexual and his house was frequented by marginal types.  The police believe that the crime was committed by one of those criminals.”

The organization has admitted in the past that most homosexual murder victims are killed by a sexual partner. In a 1999 report entitled “Death by Homophobia”, the group states openly, “In most cases the killer had a previous relationship with the victim, and among the killers it wasn’t rare to find those who acted as a ‘bottom’ in a homerotic relationship.”

Moreover, Carvalho notes that while every aggression against a homosexual is meticulously reported by activist groups, the criminal tendencies of homosexuals themselves are almost totally ignored.

“Who dares compare that number (of homosexual crime victims) with the number of aggressions committed by the very gay militants themselves in only one day of the Gay Parade in the same city?” asks Carvalho.  Applying the same statistical standards used by homosexual activists would lead to the conclusion that “gays are a danger to the public”, he adds.
  Carvalho is referring to Brazil’s massive Gay Parade held annually in Sao Paulo, which in recent years has been the occasion of numerous criminal acts by participants (see LifeSiteNews coverage at

Cavalho also accuses the homosexual movement of hypocrisy.  While denouncing a supposed crime wave against homosexuals, the movement is led by Luiz Mott, whose defense of pedophilia is public and explicit (  Despite such statements, Brazilian President Luiz Lula continues to appear with Mott publicly.

Carvalho blasts Lula for “insisting in appearing in official ceremonies with Mr. Luiz Mott at his side, the same individual who talks about pornographic art while embracing the statue of a naked baby of the male sex, transmitting in a not at all subtle manner the idea that babies are, or should be made into, objects of sexual desire like anyone else (if you don’t believe it, verify it at”

“The propaganda of pedophilia is more than evident here, but, upon decorating Mr. Mott for ‘cultural merit’ (as if he himself had merit or culture), Mr. Lula throws all of the weight of his presidential authority in a cynical bluff that forces us to deny what we see, and to believe instead the official pretense of elevated humanitarian and cultural intentions,” writes Carvalho. 

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