120,000+ sign petition supporting Duggars against media smear campaign; growing fast

The petition is on pace to overtake the anti-Duggar petition on that received so much media attention this weekend.
Sat Nov 22, 2014 - 10:16 am EST
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Courtesy of Stand True Ministries

After just two days, a petition in support of the Duggar family is poised to overtake a separate petition on attacking the family for their conservative beliefs on the family that was launched in August, and that received a flurry of media coverage this week.

The anti-Duggar petition criticizes Michelle Duggar, the mother of the large Christian family featured in TLC's "19 Kids and Counting," for opposing a "transgender" bill in Fayetteville, and demands that TLC yank the Duggars' who from the air.

After large mainstream media outlets, including E!, the Huffington Post, and the Washington Post, highlighted that petition effort this week, the petition picked up speed, gathering over 140,000 signatures, and even more media coverage.

However a counter-petition launched by LifeSiteNews on Thursday has rocketed upwards, gathering over 120,000 signatures in less than two days, and is continuing to gather new signatures at lightning speed.

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Unlike the petition, the pro-Duggar petition has received almost no help from the media.

However, LifeSiteNews' petition does have big name stars backing it, including the Benham Brothers, whose own reality TV show on HGTV was canceled after gay activists launched a campaign highlighting their traditional Christian views, and social media star and former Fox News contributer Steven Crowder. 

The Benham Brothers have condemned the effort to remove the Duggars as being part of "the same intolerant agenda that attacked our family."

That agenda "is now demonizing one of the most wholesome families in America," said the brothers. "The Duggars have always been an example of Christian love for each other and society. It’s time for Americans to stand with them against this latest manifestation of anti-Christian bullying."

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