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Help Canadian truckers at the border:

EDMONTON, Alberta (LifeSiteNews) – Alberta Premier Jason Kenney announced Tuesday night that his province will scrap vaccine segregation measures starting at midnight February 9.

“We cannot remain at a heightened state of emergency forever,” Kenney said. “We have to begin to heal. And so Alberta will move on, but we’ll do so carefully. We’ll do so prudently.”

Kenney added that the plan to give confiscated freedoms back to Albertans is contingent on hospital capacity.

Kenney defended the vaccine passport system, saying it was effective in coercing people to take the abortion-tainted experimental jab.

In addition to vaccine passports being dropped, mask mandates will be gone for children in school from K-12, and for children under 12 years old in indoor public settings.

Further loosening of restrictions is expected to take place on March 1, when most restrictions will be lifted, including mask mandates for the general public.

Kenney was defiant, however, and stated that “none of this has to do with a few trucks parked at the Coutts border crossing.”

There are more than a “few trucks” at the border in Alberta.

The truckers blocking the Coutts border were not satisfied with the announcement, which still leaves some heavy-handed restrictions in place, and leaves the possibility for the return of COVID measures if public health sees fit.