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Alfie and Thomas Evans.

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LIVERPOOL, England, April 12, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – The father of Alfie Evans says he can legally transport his 23-month-old son from Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, but has been threatened with arrest for so much as touching him.

“If I take Alfie, I’m gonna get arrested for assault,” Tom Evans said he was told by police. “If I pick Alfie up, with legal responsibilities and parental responsibilities, I’m getting told that I’m gonna get arrested for assault.” He made the comments in a Facebook Live video recorded outside the hospital this evening.

An administrator on the Alfie’s Army Facebook page clarified that Thomas Evans had not yet been detained.

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Evans continued that this warning came despite the fact that no law required Alfie to remain in that particular hospital, according to a letter provided to the family by the Christian Legal Centre. He said he had a van standing by with full medical equipment.

“As you all know we can legally take Alfie now no problem,” he said. “Doctors are doing their best to stop us from doing it,” despite the fact that there was “no order that says Alfie can't leave. In reality I could walk upstairs, pick Alfie up right now and take him out the hospital.”

Evans said that staff at the hospital are no longer looking after his son’s care.

“We've removed all duty of care from the doctors here,” Evans said, to the cheers of the crowd.

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In a subsequent Facebook Live video, Evans announced that Alfie’s ventilator would not be turned off tonight, and that the family was hoping to take a “flight out to Italy” soon, to a different care facility that would respect the parents’ wishes for different treatment options. Alfie's dad related that Polish doctors were on hand to help with the transfer. 

The Alfie’s Army page also relayed a message from Alfie’s parents saying they were currently in mediation with lawyers and Alder Hey, and asking for patience for word of further developments.

“We ask everybody to hold off with speculation and wait to hear from Thomas and Kate,” the post said. “Alfie’s parents themselves will update everybody on the outcome.”