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Alfie Evans with parents Tom and Kate. Facebook

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Note: Get live updates on Alfie here: World watches as Alfie Evans’ life hangs in the balance – live updates

LIVERPOOL, UK, April 23, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – UK baby Alfie Evans was removed from his ventilator sometime after 9:00 PM local time, sources on the ground in Liverpool tell LifeSiteNews. Parents Tom and Kate are now in their son’s room at Alder Hey hospital, spending what may be their last moments together. 

Alfie's father Tom confirmed in a Facebook live video that his son Alfie has been removed from the ventilator and that he has been “sustaining his own life since 9:17.”

During a conference call earlier this evening a UK judge would not change a previous court decision that the hospital could remove the baby’s life support under the pretext that it was in Alfie’s “best interest.”  The call happened between the family’s legal team, Justice Hayden, the Italian ambassador, and hospital administration.

The only relatives allowed to be in the room when the ventilation was removed were Alfie’s parents and two other family members, LifeSiteNews learned. 


It remains unknown how long Alfie will survive removed from his life-support. 

A video taken this evening by Alfie's father Thomas shows the 23-month-old toddler responsive and alert, blinking and looking around the room. 

In the video, posted on Facebook at 6:40pm local time (London), Thomas Evans tells viewers that a hearing is to be held by conference call at 7:15 pm, with the Italian Ambassador to Great Britain, Judge Anthony Hayden, and Thomas Evans’ barrister present. 

“The Italian Ambassador is going to do all he can now to seek request of Alfie’s care, and try to have Justice Hayden allow Alfie to go,” Evans says. Earlier today, the Italian government granted Alfie citizenship in a bid to transfer him immediately to the Bambino Gesù hospital in Rome.

“No one can promise that it’s going to happen, but Justice Hayden’s either going to either agree to life support being withdrawn, or he’s going to agree to let Alfie go to another country, today, as soon as today, as soon as the next couple of hours. We are going to have Alfie in the Vatican being treated,” he says.

Thomas Evans then tells supporters: “Now we pray hard that Justice Hayden releases Alfie, if not he’s going to be executed. So please pray. You can pray at home, pray in your car, pray at work, or come down to Alder Hey and pray peacefully and be respectful. I encourage everyone now to stand together for Alfie.” 

“Pray hard to protect this little innocent blessed child of ours. He’s absolutely amazing,” he says, adding that Alfie has been much more alert and lively today.