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Aug. 6, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – Last week, Apple News abruptly disabled LifeSite's channel, and deleted all of our content from their platform. Today, the Apple News team informed LifeSite that they have “re-evaluated” our channel. LifeSite's channel and articles are once again available on the Apple News app.

(NOTE: To “follow” LifeSite on Apple News, click here on an Apple device)

Apple's original decision to delete LifeSite's channel came only a week after they originally approved LifeSite's application to publish on the Apple News platform. In the e-mail informing LifeSite that they were removing our channel and all our content, Apple claimed that LifeSite’s channel “didn't comply with our Apple News guidelines.” Specifically, they stated that LifeSite’s “[c]hannel content shows intolerance towards a specific group.”

Apple did not clarify which “specific group” LifeSite's content allegedly showed intolerance towards, nor did they point to any specific articles that they believed violated their guidelines.

Since last week, over 57,000 people have signed a petition demanding that Apple re-enable LifeSite's channel. Approximately 1000 of those signatories also opted to send a physical postcard to Apple's heardquarters, demanding LifeSite's channel be re-instated. 

Apple News is an app that is available on all Apple devices. It aggregates news content from thousands of publishers. Apple users can “follow” their favorite news sites and receive customized updates.

LifeSiteNews first applied to publish on the Apple News platform last November. It took over six months, and dozens of follow-up requests, before LifeSite’s channel was finally approved last month.