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OTTAWA, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — The Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) on Wednesday ousted leader Erin O’Toole by a vote of 73-45.

Rumors had circulated that members of the CPC caucus were fed up with O’Toole after he has routinely embraced socially leftist ideals such as carbon taxes, abortion, and the destruction of the traditional family.

On Monday, Bob Benzen, a Member of Parliament (MP) for Calgary Heritage, released a statement calling for a leadership review by the CPC caucus of Erin O’Toole.

“Mr. O’Toole campaigned in the leadership contest as a principled conservative voice that would unite the party. However, since Mr. O’Toole assumed the position of Leader, there have been numerous instances of flip-flops and questionable judgement on Mr. O’Toole’s part,” he wrote.

Benzen concluded his statement by saying: “I feel that the Conservative caucus has given Mr. O’Toole more than enough chances for a course correction to resolve the concerns of many of the grassroots members of our party. In consideration of Mr. O’Toole’s record as Leader, I believe a caucus leadership review is the only way to avoid a dangerous split in the Conservative Party that may not be repairable.”

Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) National President Jeff Gunnarson reacted to the news by saying, “O’Toole has time and again betrayed the party’s socially conservative base with his support for abortion, LGBT ideology, oppressive lockdowns, and liberty-destroying passports for abortion-tainted vaccines. It’s about time this fake conservative was given the boot.”

“Conservatives everywhere want a leader who will boldly and consistently stand for the sanctity of life, family, faith, and freedom. It’s time to elect a truly pro-life, pro-family, and pro-freedom Conservative leader,” CLC’s Director of Political Operations Jack Fonseca added.

Initially, O’Toole was skeptical about the Freedom Convoy movement, but after some of his MPs came out in favor, and after it was clear that the movement had overwhelming support across Canada, he reluctantly stated his support for the movement.

At that point, it was too late for some, as national conservative media had already pointed out that O’Toole’s leadership style had left the CPC divided.

Adam Zivo wrote in the National Post: “Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole tried to be everything to everyone and in the process turned off a lot of people within his own party. Now his caucus is revolting against him … O’Toole only has himself to blame, as his leadership style has been lacklustre and unnecessarily divisive.”

Three days ago, O’Toole tweeted, “I’m not going anywhere,” only to be ousted days later.

Conservative pundit Keean Bexte responded to the news by tweeting, “HONK HONK HONK HONK…” in reference to the pressure of the Freedom Convoy on parliamentary politics.