TORONTO, Ontario, October 5, 2011 ( – The chair for the disciplinary committee of the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT), whose position involved overseeing sexual assault cases, has resigned after he came under heavy fire Wednesday for his role in co-authoring a sexually provocative novel for teens.

“The Sexteens and the Fake Goddess is a lurid tale of striptease, breast fondling, bum grabbing, orgasms, drugs and blackmail,” reports Kevin Donovan in an expose by the Toronto Star.

Jacques Tremblay, one of the co-authors, until today held the important role of presiding over cases of misconduct, abuse, and assault that came before the OCT’s disciplinary committee.

LifeSiteNews asked a spokesperson from the College this morning how the OCT can retain Tremblay as chair of the disciplinary committee when he writes lurid sexual fantasies involving school children at a vulnerable age.

Council chair Liz Papadopoulos responded in a press release this afternoon that Tremblay had offered to “resign” from his duties as a Council member and chair of the College’s Discipline Committee.

“He made this choice out of concern that the public perception of matters raised today in the media could lead to an erosion of the public’s confidence in the College and its work.”

“I have accepted Mr. Tremblay’s resignation. The College makes every effort to maintain public confidence in the teaching profession’s self-regulatory processes.”

“This past summer, the College commissioned former Ontario Chief Justice Patrick LeSage to conduct an independent review of our disciplinary procedures and outcomes. This issue falls within the scope of Mr. LeSage’s review, and I look forward to receiving his recommendations next May and to sharing them publicly.”

This statement is a change of tune for the OCT who had earlier maintained that Tremblay’s writing did “not have an impact on his ability to act in the public interest.”

Until today, Tremblay had argued that his book was “entirely separate” from his work at the College and service to the public.

In an article on his website on the topic of “talking about sexuality,” Tremblay showed an acute concern for teens developing their self confidence so as to help them with their “future sex life” which could have a “direct impact on orgasm.”

Tremblay had been chair of the discipline committee since 2006.

The expose from The Star can be found here.