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‘Pachamamas’ headed for a plunge into the Tiber River

Update: The people behind this action have issued a statement, reproduced below.

ROME, October 21, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — In this dramatic video, titled “the journey of the Pachamamas,” at least two persons enter Santa Maria in Traspontina Church near St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome (apparently in the early morning hours), remove several replicas of the controversial carved statue of an unclothed pregnant female from the side altars where they had been displayed, proceed to the Castel Sant’Angelo and greet St. Michael the Archangel, before chucking the statues into the Tiber River. 

LifeSite launched a petition last week urging the Vatican to remove the statue and any other allegedly pagan symbolism at the Synod. It has obtained over 16,000 signatures so far.

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The men behind the action have issued a statement, saying:

“This was done for only one reason: Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, his Blessed Mother, and everybody who follows Christ, are being attacked by members of our own Church. We do not accept this! We will no longer stay silent! We start to act NOW!

Because we love humanity, we cannot accept that people of a certain region should not get baptized and therefore are being denied entrance into heaven. It is our duty to follow the words of God, like our holy Mother did. There is not second way of salvation.

Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat!

LifeSite’s Patrick Craine and Diane Montagna discuss this action and reactions to it. 



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