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LETHBRIDGE, Alberta (LifeSiteNews) – Canadian Christian Pastor Artur Pawlowski was granted bail this afternoon by a provincial court judge on mischief and critical infrastructure charges, but once released he will be under strict house arrest conditions that will severely limit his movement.

His release date will not come until sometime next week, according to Rebel News, as there have been new charges placed against him.

Once out of jail, Pawlowski will be mandated to a house curfew from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. except to attend his church services, as reported by Rebel News, and is barred from attending protests of any kind or meeting with the public.

His wife and son will act as his sureties, having to pay a total of $12,000.

As for Pawlowski, he has to post $25,000 in bail on his own.

Pawlowski had been behind bars since February 8. After the second bail hearing court proceedings, which took place Tuesday and Wednesday, the judge delayed her decision until today.

She also placed a publication ban on the day’s court proceedings, as well as today’s court results, meaning the full details of what transpired cannot be published until a later date.

Last month, a provincial judge denied Pawlowski bail, claiming he was a threat to “public safety” because he refuses to comply with COVID health rules.

As a result, Pawlowski had to remain behind bars at the Calgary Remand Centre.

Pawlowski was arrested for the fifth time on February 8 by an undercover SWAT team just before he was slated to speak at a peaceful Freedom Convoy protest at the Alberta-U.S. border near Coutts, Alberta.

In February, Pawlowski traveled to Coutts and gave a sermon to truckers blockading the highway, telling them peacefully to “hold the line.”

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney claimed that Pawlowski has been detained “by the police because of multiple breaches of terms of release court orders, as well as an incitement to an alleged incitement to violence at the Coutts Border Crossing blockade.”

However, Pawlowski’s son Nathaniel called this a lie.

“This statement is completely false and, in fact, misinformation. Actually, Artur is detained and charged with mischief over $5,000, aiding and abetting the blocking of critical infrastructure under the Critical Defense Critical Infrastructure Defense Act, and allegedly breaching a bail condition for quote, ‘not keeping the peace,’” Nathaniel said.

“He’s not detained for multiple breaches and our court orders. He’s being charged for exercising his free speech, free speech and vocally opposing your tyranny.”

Pawlowski’s supporters had been holding daily prayer vigils in support of the preacher outside the Calgary jail, where he is being held, demanding his immediate release. They have said they will gather outside every day until he is released.

Besides Pawlowski, two other Christian pastors were jailed for going against COVID rules limiting church attendance size.

Pawlowski and his brother Dawid made international headlines after they were arrested in a highway takedown in May 2021 for holding worship services contrary to Alberta’s COVID rules affecting church service capacity limits.

Both spent a total of three nights in solitary confinement.

Kenney lifted a province-wide mask mandate at the start of March after earlier ditching the COVID vaccine passport amid the trucker Freedom Convoy and border protests in Alberta.

Those wishing to help with Pawlowski’s legal fees can visit All money raised goes toward the Democracy Fund, which is a registered Canadian charity.