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 Photo courtesy 'Free Speech Bus' organizers

NEW YORK, New York, March 23, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Vandals sprayed paint, used a hammer to smash, and broke the window of a “Free Speech Bus” on a tour fighting gender ideology this afternoon.


The “Free Speech Bus” is a joint project of the International Organization for the Family, CitizenGO, and the National Organization for Marriage. 

“It's biology: boys are boys…and always will be. Girls are girls…and always will be” is the message of the bus.

“The bus was on the streets of New York” in Manhattan shortly after 4:00 p.m. today, Joe Grabowski of the National Organization for Marriage told LifeSiteNews. “It was vandalized by spray paint and a hammer was taken to it on the side.”

He said police are at the “crime scene” investigating.


“This is what those who pretend to preach tolerance actually feel about…other viewpoints,” said Graboswki. “We’re the ones who try to have an open conversation and a dialogue with people and this is the kind of intimidation that is used to try to cow people who believe in traditional values not to speak out.”

The bus tour organizers are considering it a “hate crime,” according to an email from NOM President Brian Brown.

Grabowski said it was ironic that opponents of the bus claimed it would incite violence against people who identify as transgender. 

“Well, here’s the first act of violence that we’ve seen,” he said. “And it’s not somebody out there attacking a trans person. It’s us getting attacked.”

Some twitter users cheered the destruction of the bus. 

Grabowski said the bus tour organizers encourage any witnesses to come forward.

The bus was parked outside the United Nations earlier. It's scheduled to visit other cities on the East Coast.