VATICAN CITY, July 2, 2012 ( – This morning Pope Benedict XVI announced the new head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith to be Regensburg Bishop Gerhard Müller.  He also accepted the resignation of US Cardinal William Levada who had reached the age of retirement last year.

In 2006, Müller acted to halt over 2 million Euros in Church funding to pro-abortion ‘Catholic’ groups after their dissident activities were exposed by faithful Catholic bloggers and a group called Union for the Associations Faithful to the Pope . 

Central Committee of German Catholics had received more than two million Euros in financing from the Church prior to the cut off. 

The association Donum Vitae created by the Committee came under fire for aiding women in obtaining abortions. The association fulfilled pre-abortion requirements for women by offering counseling and certificates, clearing the way for the abortion procedure.  Moreover, the Committee openly criticized the hierarchy of the Church, calling for the development of a democratic structure that would give authority to the laity.

Archbishop Müller also suppressed the Diocesan council of Lay People and thirty-three other dissident organizations.