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Hundreds of Alfie Evans' supporters gathered outside Alder Hey Children's Hospital on Thursday night.

Save Alfie Evans! Tell the hospital to let his parents take him home. Sign here.

LIVERPOOL, April 13, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — Alfie’s Army is on the move again.

Alfie Evans, a 23 month old infant, is currently on life support at Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, a facility that wants him to die.

But Alfie’s parents, Tom Evans and Kate James, and the rest of his family want him to continue to receive treatment. So do their supporters, dubbed “Alfie’s Army.”

The day after a judge told the hospital it could remove Alfie from a ventilator, Alfie’s family came to the hospital with a medical team to move him to a hospital that is willing to continue his care. Despite having legal custody of the child, Alfie’s parents were prevented by police from taking him away.

On Thursday evening, “Alfie’s Army”, which includes over 130,000 Facebook friends, answered livestreamed calls from Tom Evans and his family. Hundreds rallied across the street from the Liverpool hospital. At its height, the protest included over a thousand people.

At noon today British time the army was mustered again. Volunteer Stef Ryan sent a Facebook message to online members inviting them to a “peaceful protest” behind the hospital.

“If you would like to show your love and support to Alife, Kate and Tom today, please make your way to the park behind the hospital,” she wrote.

“This has to be a peaceful protest. We ask you not to chant but to sing and do not obstruct the roads as this may put other children’s lives as risk.”

“Alfie is fighting and so are we!” she added. “We will not give up and we will show the world who Alfie’s army is and how strong our amazing Alfie is.”  

Save Alfie Evans! Tell the hospital to let his parents take him home. Sign here.

Last night Tom Evans gave a statement to the BBC, emphasizing that he and Alfie’s mother, not the hospital, are legally responsible for the child.

“There’s no court order to say Alfie has to stay in this hospital right now,” he said. “The truth behind the matter is that me and Kate hold full responsibility and we can take him to our transportation van with full equipment with the doctors who have got full duty of care, and they are not allowing us, so we are hoping that my solicitor is going to spin the spoon and get us out.”

At press time Alfie had still not left Alder Hey.