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 Live Action / Youtube screen grab

May 30, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Despite the rise of the #MeToo movement against powerful institutions enabling sexual abuse, Planned Parenthood’s own history of covering up crimes against minors has gone largely ignored. But, Live Action hopes to change that in a new video series, the first of which was released today.

On Wednesday, the group announced its seven-part “Aiding Abusers” series, which will “expos[e] a systemic, decades long cover-up of child sexual abuse at Planned Parenthood.”

The first video provides an introduction to the project and an overview of what to expect in its future installments, including documented cases, the testimony of former abortion industry insiders, two of Live Action’s own previous undercover investigations, the lies Planned Parenthood has told in response to the allegations, and what consequences the offending personnel have faced, if any. 

“Whether it’s Hollywood, sports, politics or big media; we’ve heard the names of perpetrators and their enablers — people who knew about the abuse, but did nothing to stop it,” Live Action founder Lila Rose says in the introductory video. “But few are calling out one of America’s biggest accomplices to sexual abuse even though there is widespread documentation of systemic sexual abuse cover-up behind its doors. The group is called Planned Parenthood, and they are tax funded.”

The group has also released Part 2 in the series, “Recorded Cases.” It details how the abortion giant’s refusal to report men who brought in girls as young as age twelve for abortions enabled their abusers to continue raping them. Live Action has documented many of these cases here and here.

Live Action says that a later installment will quote former Planned Parenthood insiders such as Sue Thayer and Catherine Adair, who say the organization actively discouraged reporting of children being brought in by their apparent abusers.

Planned Parenthood has a “don’t ask/don’t tell” policy on sexual abuse, according to HIV health educator and Title X training manager Monica Cline: “if we don’t ask how old her partner is, we don’t have to tell.”

Past Live Action investigations, revisited in the new series, filmed Planned Parenthood officials at eight facilities willing to help cover up sexual abuse, and officials at seven facilities willing to assist apparent child sex traffickers.

“The summaries are tragic and show that time and again, young girls continued to be victimized by their abusers after receiving ‘services’ at the abortion corporation,” Live Action says. “Call upon Congress to investigate and defund this corrupt organization and demand that the media hold Planned Parenthood to account.”

The Trump Justice Department opened an investigation into the abortion giant’s sale and alleged profit off of fetal organs in December, but has not updated the public on further action since then. Efforts to defund Planned Parenthood’s more than $500 million in federal funding have faltered in Congress, though President Donald Trump recently ended approximately ten percent of its funding via new restrictions on Title X family planning funds.