Pro-abortion Ontario Conservative leader resigns over sex allegations

Brown's leadership was marred by accusations of betrayal from pro-life and pro-family voters.
Thu Jan 25, 2018 - 12:39 pm EST
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Ontario PC Party leader Patrick Brown

TORONTO, January 25, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – Ontario Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown has resigned after allegations of sexual misconduct. He has called them "false," but says he does not want them to distract from the PC Party's effort to defeat Kathleen Wynne's Liberal government.

Brown's leadership was marred by accusations of betrayal from pro-life and pro-family voters.

Brown had won the endorsement of social conservatives during his leadership campaign because of his pro-life voting record as a federal MP, as well as his pledge to pull the province's explicit sexual education program.

But once he took leadership he espoused a hardened social liberal platform on abortion, homosexuality, and sex education.

Brown is facing allegations from two women which he and party officials became aware of late Wednesday, according to CTV

The 39-year-old was advised by party officials to resign, it reported. He resisted doing so, but finally agreed to resign at 1:30 a.m. Thursday morning, according to the Globe and Mail.

Meanwhile, his closest advisors resigned Wednesday, including campaign manager Andrew Boddington, chief of staff Alykhan Velshi and deputy campaign manager Dan Robertson.

In a Wednesday night press conference, a tearful Brown called the allegations “Categorically untrue. Every one of them,” and said he would “defend myself as hard as I can, with all means at my disposal."

In his resignation statement, Brown says he decided to step down “after consulting with caucus, friends and family” and that he will “remain on as a MPP while I definitively clear my name from these false allegations.”  

Warning: Explicit details follow.

According to CTV, one woman alleges that about 10 years ago, while she was still in high school, Brown asked her to perform oral sex on him. The other woman alleges that while she worked in Brown’s office as a university student when he was Conservative MP for Barrie, he sexually assaulted her after an event.

Both incidents are alleged to have taken place in Brown’s home, it reported.

Ontario PC press secretary Nick Bergamini, staffer Ken Bossenkool and deputy campaign manager Joshua Workman have all tweeted their resignations, according to CTV.

Ontario PC Deputy Leaders Sylvia Jones and Steve Clark released a statement Thursday concurring Brown had to go.

“Mr. Brown is entitled to a legal defense and due process, but he cannot lead us into an election as a result of these allegations,” they said. 

“The Ontario PC Party unequivocally upholds the principle that a safe and respectful society is what we expect and deserve. We need to move forward to eradicate sexual violence and harassment across the province.”

Campaign Life Coalition vice president Jeff Gunnarson said his organization welcomed Brown’s resignation.

"In his tenure as leader of the party, Patrick Brown has maintained a disappointing record of alienating pro-life members of the party including flip flopping on abortion and radical sex-ed, scuttling of pro-life and pro-family policies brought forward by the membership, sabotaging nominations and denying candidacy to pro-life hopefuls."

Campaign Life supported Brown in his May 2015 bid for the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party leadership because of his impeccable pro-life voting record as a Conservative MP.

But since Brown became leader, he has become an advocate of a woman’s “right to choose” abortion, reneged on his promise to repeal the Liberal sex education, marched in “gay” pride parades and thrown his support behind the LGBTQ lobby.

Moreover, the Progressive Conservative Party has been plagued by allegations of misconduct at party nominations, and have been sued for fraud by a disaffected would-be candidate.

"The PC Party should now give serious concern to the credentials and vision of the new leader," said Gunnarson. "We look forward to the party rejuvenating itself by becoming truly open to all points of view, especially the 40 percent of the membership who are pro-life and pro-family, and a party that will respect the party’s constitution and the democratic process."

Meanwhile, PC Party president Rick Dykstra told the Toronto Star the party is moving quickly to find a new leader. 

“I have requested that the Ontario PC caucus elects an interim leader. They have agreed and have informed me that they will be meeting Friday morning,” Dykstra told the Star in an email.

“I’ve also requested that one of the deputy leaders (MPPs Sylvia Jones and Steve Clark) attend the executive meeting that will take place Thursday evening,”

Rumoured contenders for the top spot include Carolyn Mulroney, daughter of former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, former foreign affairs minister John Baird, and MPPs Vic Fedeli and Lisa MacLeod.

The Star also reported that Barrie police said they are “not involved in any investigation involving Patrick Brown” following the women’s allegations, which they initially made to CTV News. The names of the women have not been made public.

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