TORONTO, February 3, 2012 ( – Mary Wagner was released from jail on her own recognizance February 2 following a bail hearing.

Crown prosecutors stated yesterday that since Mary had already served 87 of the 90 day sentence they were demanding for breach of probation that resulted in her arrest in November 2011, she could be released without bail.


Mary’s friend and supporter Leeda Crawford told LifeSiteNews that although Mary has in the past represented herself before the court, she was accompanied yesterday by lawyer Russell Browne who has been negotiating on Mary’s behalf.

Mary has never agreed to the terms of bail that required her to stay away from abortion facilities. However, her probation order does require this, so Mary faces arrest if she continues her pro-life counselling at Toronto’s abortuaries.

Mary was re-arrested on November 8th at the Bloor West Women’s Clinic, where she had been previously arrested on December 23, 2010 and August 12th, 2011.

On that occasion, Mary was accompanied by Linda Gibbons and friends Leeda Crawford and John Bulsza who videotaped her arrest. In her gentle plea for life Mary actually enters the abortuaries where she speaks with women in the waiting rooms and oftentimes gives them a rose. Following this arrest, Mary’s roses were found on the floor in the hallway to the facility.

The court hearing for Mary’s November arrest is scheduled to take place February 28th and 29th in Room 506 at Toronto’s College Park courthouse.

Crawford said Mary appears well and is presently staying with friends in the Toronto area.

Anyone wishing to send Mary letters or cards of support may do so in care of the Campaign Life Coalition office in Toronto:
300‐104 Bond Street
Toronto, Ontario M5B 1X9