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January 8, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Social media management company Buffer suspended the account of LifeSiteNews Friday over unspecified “violation of our terms of service,” apparently in response to pressure from a left-wing Twitter user with a history of attacking this publication.

Buffer is a platform that allows users to schedule social media posts across multiple platforms. LifeSiteNews has been using Buffer to schedule across our numerous platforms for years.

LifeSite received the following message Friday (two days after the company declared it was “sad and troubled by the events unfolding at the U.S. Capitol”) without identifying the alleged violation:

LifeSite has responded seeking clarification. The company says it is looking into LifeSite’s case, and we will update this report upon response.

In the meantime, the move may have been driven in part by Twitter user “scanner darkly,” who in November 2020 got the company to “flag for review” LifeSite’s November 2016 op-ed by Jonathon Van Maren about dictionaries redefining words to appease transgender activists.

“Scanner darkly” has a history of fixation on LifeSiteNews, frequently “trolling” this website and its authors on social media with accusations of bigotry and other ad-hominem attacks:

Buffer’s move comes amid a rapid accelleration of conservative censorship by social media, including President Trump, the Walk Away Campaign, and videos taken by Capitol Hill protesters.