Update: Troy Newman says that the powder has been identified. “Well the big scare is all over,” he wrote. “Turns out the letter was 90% baking powder and 10% unknown. FBI is looking into the matter. Thanks for all the prayers.”


WICHITA, Kansas, July 6, 2011 ( – FBI agents are acting quickly to quarantine the office of Operation Rescue after the pro-life group was sent an envelope found to contain suspicious white powder.

Operation Rescue president Troy Newman told Wednesday afternoon that officials were called in after he opened a letter postmarked June 11 from France, and “a puff of powder came out.”

“We immediately double-bagged it and threw it outside,” he said. “We’re in lockdown.”

Newman said the FBI, police officers and firefighters, including a haz-mat response unit, had arrived at the scene.

Anthrax has previously been used by terrorists who have mailed the highly infectious, life-threatening bacteria in the form of white powder.

Newman says the FBI has rushed a sample away for testing, and that meanwhile he and six other OR employees are quarantined in their office. Officials are cordoning off the entire block from the public, he said.

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