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Marie-Claire Bissonnette's attacker defending abortion in cases of rape, moments before the attack, Toronto, Sept. 30, 2018.

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Update Oct. 4, 6:15 PM: Since LifeSiteNews published this story, the name on Twitter account @jordan_hunt18 has been changed to Jordan C*nt and is a declared “satire account.”

TORONTO, October 4, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A Twitter account alleged to be that of Jordan Hunt, the man identified on a viral video as attacking a pro-life woman in Toronto on Sunday, is fake.

The user behind Twitter account @jordan_hunt18 has created a media firestorm by refusing to apologize for the violent incident, taking swipes at pro-lifers, and comparing himself to Gandhi.

But it wasn’t Hunt, a Toronto hairstylist who lost his job after he was identified on the internet, who was doing the tweeting.

LifeSiteNews has confirmed using google cache that the account was originally called @BLUEWAV94011533.


BlueWav, who is from California and describes himself in his original account as “Political junkie – Bernie supporter –  idiots will be blocked,” revamped the account so slickly it seemed genuine to many.

Indeed, “Hunt’s” alleged tweets were quoted unquestioningly in an article by Canada’s CTV News and provoked outrage and censure from conservatives and liberals across social media.

They were obviously designed to inflame an already fraught situation, as for example this:

@Jordan_Hunt18 was opened September 7, 2018, has 1,090 followers, and is listed as originating in Toronto, Ontario. On it, BlueWav describes Hunt as a “pro-choice warrior and part of the resistance.”

Hunt was identified Wednesday by internet sleuths after a video clip of him attacking pro-life advocate Marie-Claire Bissonnette went viral.

The 46-second clip depicts the man, now identified as Hunt, roundhouse kicking Bissonnette, hitting her in the shoulder and knocking the phone out of her hand.

“I forgive him personally, but I've made a complaint to the police and they are investigating,” Bissonnette, youth coordinator with Campaign Life Coalition, told LifeSiteNews today.

After Hunt was identified on the Internet Wednesday, he was let go as a stylist at Noble Studio 101.

LifeSiteNews called Hunt but did not hear back from him.

Meanwhile, police spokesperson Katrina Arrogante says the investigation into the incident is ongoing.

The @Jordan_Hunt18 Twitter account had raised a number of suspicions even before LifeSiteNews verified that the it was fake. 

First of all, as soon as Hunt was identified on the Internet, he shut down his jrdnhnt Instagram account. That didn’t square with him tweeting defiance and pro-abortion apologias.

Moreover, as LifeSiteNews social media marketing specialists confirm, anything can be changed on a Twitter account, including location, handle, picture, and name.

So it’s entirely possible, as is now the proven case, it was revamped after the Hunt video went viral, as one “Shoe0nhead” pointed out:

The account holder seemed to confirm that the account was fake on Thursday in a response to a user calling the holder out:

Moreover, tweets on Hunt’s alleged account are almost exclusively about American politics, and, as one would expect, from an anti-Trump viewpoint.

It’s worth noting that the photo on Hunt’s alleged Twitter account is the one most publicly accessible. His now-deleted Instagram account, in contrast, had an array of photos.