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Pro-life activist Isabel Vaughan-Spruce is once again confronted by police as she silently prays near an abortion center in Birmingham, EnglandADF UK / Twitter

BIRMINGHAM, England (LifeSiteNews) — U.K. pro-life activist Isabel Vaughan-Spruce, who was just acquitted last month on charges related to praying outside an abortion facility, was arrested again this Monday for silently praying outside an abortion center.

In a video posted to Twitter by Alliance Defending Freedom UK (ADF UK) Monday, two male police officers can be seen asking Vaughan-Spruce to “step outside the exclusion zone” of an abortion facility in Birmingham, England.

Vaughan-Spruce responds by calmly saying, “But I’m not protesting, I’m not engaging in any of the activities prohibited.”

To this, the one officers said, “But you’ve said you’re engaging in prayer, which is the offense.”

“Silent prayer,” clarified Vaughan-Spruce.

“No, but you’re still engaging in prayer. It is an offense,” restated the officer, who then asked Vaughan-Spruce if she would prefer to be “arrested” rather than “step outside the exclusion zone.”

“Are those the only two alternatives?” asked the pro-lifer.

“Yes,” said the policeman.

In a series of follow-up tweets, one of which contains additional video footage, ADF UK stated that “Police wrongly claimed that the PSPO (Public Spaces Protection Order) ‘buffer zone’ banned Isabel from simply standing near a clinic.”

This is simply not true. A court ruled only weeks ago that Isabel broke no laws by thinking a prayer in her mind,” explained the legal group, adding, “How can MPs roll out this law with so little clarity?”

ADF UK is referring to Clause 9 of the Public Order Bill, which MPs in the House of Commons are set to vote on tomorrow.

According to the ADF UK, the passing of this clause would “criminalize any form of ‘influencing’ outside of abortion facilities, which would include prayer, with a potential prison sentence of up to two years.”

Vaughan-Spruce’s arrest comes just weeks after her February 16 acquittal for a similar offense.

The February acquittal pertained to charges laid against Vaughan-Spruce in December of last year.

The December event, also caught on video, showed Vaughan-Spruce being searched and arrested by three police officers after stating she “might be” praying insider her head when standing within the “buffer zone” of an empty abortion mill.