December 12, 2011 ( – Things aren’t looking good for abortionist Kermit Gosnell, whose wife pleaded guilty today to charges of performing abortion after 24 weeks, conspiracy, criminal conspiracy and corrupt organization. The plea by Pearl Gosnell follows the guilty pleas of several of Kermit Gosnell’s former staff.

The abortion doctor faces the death penalty over charges of murdering one abortion client and seven newborn babies at his Philadelphia clinic, which has been dubbed the “House of Horrors.”

According to an explosive Grand Jury report released earlier this year, Pearl Gosnell worked as an assistant at the clinic from 1982 until 1990, when she married Gosnell. After their marriage, Pearl would assist her husband on Sundays to perform extremely late-term abortions.


The report says that while “Pearl claimed that she was certified to take temperatures and blood pressure by Lyons Technical Institute,” she “could not produce any records because, she said, the school had closed.”

Many of Gosnell’s employees, including a fellow “doctor” who performed abortions at the facility, were unlicensed.

After news of the conditions in the clinic broke earlier this year, “scores” of women stepped forward to tell their horror stories of forced abortions and abysmally poor care at the hands of Gosnell and his employees.

Investigators who raided the facility had found that the abortion equipment itself was broken, dirty, and rusty; downstairs, the dismembered remains of newborn and nearly-born children were stuffed into jars, bags, milk jugs, and cat food containers. Others shared space in a refrigerator-freezer with employees’ lunches.

Upon entering the building, investigators were hit by the stench of cat urine and the sight of drugged and moaning women lying on blood-stained blankets. Flea-ridden cats defecated freely on the bloodied floors.

The Grand Jury report released in January detailed testimony from clinic staff who said that “killing large, late-term babies who had been observed breathing and moving was a regular occurrence” at the filthy clinic: one staffer said such events happened “hundreds” of times. Another clinic worker, Tina Baldwin, told the investigators that Gosnell once joked about a baby that was writhing as he cut its neck: “that’s what you call a chicken with its head cut off.”

That same Grand Jury report had issued scathing indictments of both the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the Department of State for turning a blind eye to the clinic. The report said the government agencies had allowed the clinic to wallow in filth for years, and ignored several complaints lodged against the abortionist, while allowing his official record to remain clean.