By James Tillman

November 25, 2009 (—”It's light years beyond ultrasound and will make you practically fall off your chair when you see it.” So says Father Frank Pavone about the breakthrough video Priests for Life is now distributing and promoting, called The Biology of Prenatal Development.

By using embryoscopy, a rare technique involving a tiny camera the size of a pen tip, scientists were able to get breathtaking, real footage of the unborn, which shows how preborn babies have a heartbeat at three weeks, make spontaneous movements at six weeks, and have 90% of the anatomical structures found in adults at eight weeks.

A section of the movie can be viewed at the top of the following webpage. The same page features other useful movies, images, and resources describing the horror of abortion and illustrating the humanity of the unborn.

“It is widely known in the pro-life movement that ultrasound imagery changes peoples' minds and hearts,” writes Father Pavone.  “With this stunning, color imagery of the child from four to twelve weeks after fertilization, we expect even more radical conversions.”

Those who are interested can sign up to help Priests for Life distribute the video to parishes, schools, and pregnancy centers across the country, or buy the video.