WASHINGTON, D.C., March 4, 2013, ( – A recent study finding a marked increase in the worst cases of breast cancer has led some pro-lifers to ask if the Obama administration's promotion of contraception and abortion will raise the chances of more young American women developing the life-threatening disease.

A report by Rebecca Johnson, pubished in the Journal of the American Medical Association on February 27, found that the incidence of advanced breast cancer for women ages 25-39 has increased nearly 90 percent in 33 years.


In these cases, the cancer had spread from the breast to other parts of the body before being diagnosed. This level of cancer rose from 1.53 percent in 1976 to 2.90 percent in 2009.

The fatality rate of advanced cases is more than five times higher than among other stages of breast cancer.

Some in the pro-life movement say the Obama administration's health care policies will increase the disease's deadly toll.

“Many more young women are at risk for developing advanced breast cancer in the future because of an ObamaCare mandate requiring employers to purchase insurance that will provide 'free' cancer-causing hormonal contraceptive steroids and abortion-inducing drugs,” said Karen Malec, president of the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer.

“Abortion and use of hormonal contraceptive steroids among teenagers are the elephants in the living room that the medical establishment ignores,” she said. “It doesn’t matter to government officials how many lives are destroyed because of it.”

Although the strong link between oral contraception and breast cancer is well known, the Obama administration has championed “free” access to the pill as fundamental women's health care.

Because of the tensions between politics and science, international organizations have a conflicted relationshiop with the birth control pill, which is simultaneously declared a “human right” by the UN Population Fund and a Group One carcinogen by the World Health Organization.

The National Cancer Institute notes that oral contraceptives are also associated with increased cervical cancer, as well as liver tumors.


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Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, a breast surgical oncologist and co-founder of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, has called the oral contraceptive pill a “molotov cocktail” for breast cancer.

The Breast Cancer Prevention Institute also says that there is a link between abortion and increased breast cancer. Malec told last year that “52 out of 68 [epidemiological] studies now show” an independent link between abortion and breast cancer.

The JAMA article noted that black women had a higher rate of advanced breast cancer than non-Hispanic white women.

Malec asked, “Is this any wonder when the abortion rate for African American women is more than double that of white women?”

Malec said the fact that the paper did not offer a hypothesis about the increase was “peculiar but not surprising.”