OTTAWA, May 24, 2002 ( – For the second time in the past year, Liberal, NDP and Bloc M.P.‘s refused consent in the House of Commons to accept a motion from Garry Breitkreuz to protect unborn children. A year ago, the Canadian Alliance M.P. tried to convince the House of the need to modify the definition of “human being” in the Criminal Code, which he calls “scientifically incorrect.” This time, he tried to persuade the House that a Standing Committee should at least study the issue.  Speaking in favour were Mr. Breitkreuz, Jason Kenney and Larry Spencer—all with the Canadian Alliance. Liberal Paul Szabo “welcomed” the motion but did not openly support it. Speaking against were Liberals Paul Macklin, who is Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General and Marlene Jennings, the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for International Cooperation. Also opposed were Diane Bourgeois of the Bloc and the NDP’s Judy Wasylycia-Leis. The Progressive Conservatives did not participate in the debate.  “I will find other ways and means to bring the issue back to the floor of the House of Commons,” Breitkreuz vowed today in a press release.  Campaign Life Coaltion issued a press release on the vote. In part, it stated “Campaign Life Coalition commends Mr. Breitkreuz for his unwavering commitment to force Parliament to address the humanity of the unborn as well as the other pro-life MPs who spoke in defense of the motion…”  To read last night’s full debate on “protection of the unborn child” in Hansard see:   See Campaign Life Coalition Press Releases