LONDON, Feb 11 (LifeSiteNews) – The British House of Commons passed legislation yesterday to lower the age of consent for homosexual sex from 18 to 16 in England and to 17 in Northern Ireland.  The Telegraph reports that although the move has been blocked for three consecutive years by the Lords, the current legislation was “introduced under the Parliament Act procedures, which mean it will become law automatically in England, Wales and Scotland later this year.”  The new law is a victory for homosexual activists who have now set their sights on pushing for a new law which would legalise homosexual “sex” in public washrooms.

A submission to government by OutRage, one of the key players behind lowering the age of consent, reads: “We do not believe that consensual actions between adults, no matter how bizarre they might appear to the majority, are any concern of the law or its agents. Thus we seek to legitimize consenting actions in bath-houses and saunas, ‘backrooms’ in pubs, and all group sex in private, including sado-masochistic games.” The group adds: “We would also like to extend the concept of private to include public lavatory cubicles and after-dark ‘cruising’ areas. Since recreational sex is a natural activity and popular pursuit, all laws which seek to control it should be abolished … The whole basis of the current homosexual control laws is moralistic and based on a largely medieval concept of Christianity which we believe has no place in a pluralistic democratic society.”

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