LONDON, May 13, 2003 ( – A bill now before the UK Parliament bans discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation—but in a new twist for international pro-homosexual legislation, it also contains protections for religious groups.  The bill outlaws discrimination based on both religion and sexual orientation, but includes an exemption for organizations with an “ethos based on religion or belief.”  Christian groups are not convinced. Simon Calvert, deputy director of the Christian Institute, said: “We were opposed to this from the outset. There are cases of genuine unfair treatment of people, but this is using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. … The status quo is that (religious) schools and organizations have the freedom to determine their own staffing rules right now,” he said. “If they want to discriminate on the basis of religion, right now they can. “This law could be used to crowbar in people who reject the most cherished beliefs of a particular organization,” said Calvert.

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