KELOWNA, British Columbia, August 15 2012 ( – The City of Kelowna in British Columbia has proclaimed the last week in September as Protect Human Life Week, and has agreed to hang a pro-life flag on City Hall during the week.

The city’s Director of Communications Tom Wilson only approved the flag after Kelowna Right to Life agreed to take off the statement “From Conception to Natural Death,” because it was “advocating a point of view” and was not “reflecting the actual event.”


However, the city’s proclamation of the event, signed Mayor Walter Gray, says, “It is the intention of this proclamation to promote respect and protection to all human life, especially the infirm, the aged, the handicapped, and the unborn.

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This is the fifth consecutive year that the city has proclaimed Protect Human Life Week. Events for the week include a Memorial Service for the Unborn, a Walk for Life Fundraiser, a screening of the pro-life movie October Baby, and the annual Life Chain.

“At a time when pro life groups on Canadian college campuses are routinely censored and pro-life initiatives get very little positive exposure in the news media, it is certainly refreshing to have our Mayor’s Office recognize our efforts on such a consistent basis,” said Executive Director of Kelowna Right to Life Marlon Bartram.

“Their continuing proclamation of Protect Human Life Week shows the rest of the country that Kelowna truly is an inclusive place that respects the many diverse communities comprising our great city.”

Kelowna Right to Life will also be handing out pro-life postcards to homes in the Kelowna area during the week.