British Columbia Lesbians Determined to Extract More From Knights of Columbus

Blogger exposes "travesty" of highly questionable Human Rights tribunal decision
Fri Dec 2, 2005 - 12:15 pm EST

By Terry Vanderheyden

EDMONTON, December 2, 2005 ( – The two lesbians who succeeded in getting a BC Human Rights Tribunal to grant them $2,000 in damages from the Knights of Columbus for the “humiliation” they suffered for being denied a hall to celebrate their same-sex “wedding” are appealing that decision. They want to extract much more from the Catholic men’s fraternal association and make an example of them.

Meanwhile, a web-logger (blogger) has analyzed the decision and circumstances of the case and concluded that the Human Rights decision was “pathetic” and a “travesty” of justice.

In reading through the decision, Bob Tarantino at Let It Bleed noted that “The three panellists furrowed their brows, quoted a whole bunch of irrelevant case law, contradicted themselves about a jillion times and then, when not even that mash-up could get them to the result they wanted, they just made it up.”

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