SURREY, British Columbia, September 24, 2013 ( – The British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life (BCPTL) organization has compiled a report on what parents can expect their children to be exposed to under the Surrey School District's newly implemented “Safe and Caring Schools: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity” regulation. 

Titled “What Can Parents in Surrey (and Other School Districts) Expect Now Their School Board Has Approved a Pro-Homosexuality Propaganda Program?” the report quotes directly from the new regulations to help parents clearly see the pro-homosexuality agenda that is now mandatory in Surrey schools. 

The group obtained and published excerpts from a letter by board chair Shawn Wilson, purportedly sent to teachers in the district, describing the purpose behind the initiative. 

“In summary, the regulation has the goal of ensuring lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning members of school communities and their families are welcomed, accepted and included in all aspects of education and school life,” BCPTL quotes Wilson as stating. 

BCPTL identifies what they say are numerous troubling aspects of the new regulations, including mandatory indoctrination of teachers and parents, and coercive measures against those who don't comply; deceptive language in the regulations; and allowing only information and resources that are biased toward a positive portrayal of homosexuality in order to “eliminate a heterocentric bias.” 

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The report quotes a statement attributed to the school board vice-chairman, Laurie Larsen, who said the regulation, “…mandates training for teachers, support for GSAs [gay-straight alliances], specialized counsellor training and inclusion of supportive books in libraries and curriculum, among other measures.”  

BCPTL warns that parents in Surrey, and in any other district that follows suit, may expect a transformation of the schools such that their children will be taught to support the homosexual lifestyle without the possibility of the parents preventing it.  

“It will not be a matter of taking one’s children out of school when sensitive matters are discussed,” the pro-family group said. “This indoctrination will occur anywhere in the school program, and from kindergarten to Grade Twelve.” 

The result of this program, BCPTL points out, will be that students will be taught to question their own sexual orientation, to admire homosexual heroes, to regard homosexual unions as equivalent to traditional marriage, and to despise religious teaching that prohibits homosexual behavior. 

“Parents, it is time to take action to protect your children before it is too late,” the BCPTL concludes. “Unless we act, our children will be put at risk psychologically, emotionally, and physically.” 

The full text of the British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life evaluation of the Surrey 'Safe Schools' program is available here.

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Surrey School District Board of Education
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Laurie Larsen, Vice-Chairman
Phone: 604-599-0966
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