SURREY, September 23, 2005 ( – The administration of the Surrey School district in British Columbia has cancelled a sexually explicit play meant to preach acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle to school children. The play, The Laramie Project, is based on theÂmurder of U.S. homosexual student Matthew Shepard which the gay rights movement has for the past several years heavily exploited to promote its agenda.

School officials said that the play’s sex, violence and foul language are “unacceptable” for their students. “The play wasn’t appropriate as family entertainment,” said Doug Strachan, communications manager of the Surrey school district. “It’s not going ahead simply out of respect for and sensitivity of the audience,” he added.

The Laramie Project was to be acted by the students, some as young as 14, as a school project. It was to be presented during the pre-Christmas period of school events.

The playwright, Moises Kaufman, said he was “shocked” that the school cancelled the play. “It’s one of the most-performed plays in America at universities and at the high school level. It’s been done in hundreds and hundreds of high schools all over America,” he said.

The play is indeed a high-profile component of a concerted effort to normalize homosexuality and vilify opponents. It is based on the 1998 tragic, brutal killing of Matthew Shepard who, according to homosexual propagandists like Kaufman, was killed in a “hate crime” because he was homosexual. But the facts apear to have been manipulated for political reasons. An ABC 20/20 investigation revealed that Sheppard was killed in a robbery and that it had nothing to do with “homophobia” or “hate.”

Homosexual activist and former BC MP Svend Robinson also heavily exploited the murder of a B.C.Âhomosexual as part of hisÂtacticsÂto motivate successful passage of his bill adding sexual orientation to Canada’s federal hate crimes law. In that case, also, it was later found that the Vancouver victim’s sexual orientation had nothing to do with the murder.

Still, despite the facts, the Sheppard legend persists and the Laramie Project is indeed being used in the US at universities and high schools to promote the homosexual political project.

The Vancouver Sun reports that Doug Strachan, communications manager of the Surrey school district, said the play might be staged later for senior students at the high school and that the issue of homosexuality in the play was not the reason it was considered inappropriate. “We cover homosexuality in our curriculum,” he told the Sun.

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