LONDON, Mar. 21 ( – Stephen Hone, who went to court to try to block the plans of his ex-girlfriend to abort their unborn child, claimed partial victory after the abortion centre admitted fault in court for not seeking the required medical opinion of two doctors.

The Calthorpe Nursing Home in Edgbaston, Birmingham, said it would seek the opinions before aborting the child. Furthermore Hone was assured that they would not dispose of the remains of the foetus without giving him a week’s notice so he can arrange a burial. “It is a victory in one sense, but a loss in the sense that it has still not prevented the abortion of my child,” said Hone of the result.

Hone’s ex-girlfriend, Claire Hansell, has been missing since the case went to court. The pro-abortion British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) was outraged that Hone would be granted the right to bury his unborn child. “Any undertaking that fetal remains will not be destroyed without giving notice to the ‘father’ makes a mockery of this woman’s right to confidentiality,” said Ann Furedi of the BPAS.

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