LONDON, Feb 10 (LifeSiteNews) – Peter Brand, a physician and Liberal Democrat MP in Britain is under police investigation for euthanasia. In late January, Brand was speaking against an anti-euthanasia measure in the House of Commons and used his personal experience with a two-  year old leukemia patient for an example. BBC news reports that he told the Commons that under the terms of the Bill he would be considered a “multiple murderer”. In a 1973 case described by Brand, he disconnected (or consented to the removal of) a child from “tubes”  (presumably life support) at the parents’ request. The child died 48 hours later. “This was … active withdrawal of treatment for a condition that might have responded to treatment,”  said Brand. “The purpose of my action was therefore to promote death or at least to enable death to occur,” he added, leading to public complaints and the current investigation. 

For more see the BBC report.