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U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates

(LifeSiteNews) — U.K. Member of Parliament (MP) Andrew Bridgen has said that a midwife told him about a disturbing number of stillborn babies she is seeing at her job that may be linked to the COVID shots.

During an interview with Malue Montclairre of the Danish Freedom Movement about COVID shot side effects, Bridgen said that a midwife told him, “Some days, occasionally in shifts, when she is a midwife in the U.K., we are having more dead babies on shift than there are alive babies.”

“And this is all being suppressed,” he added.

“She has also said we’re seeing very calcified placentas. We’re seeing very small babies. We’re seeing a lot of late miscarriages in the third trimester.”

Bridgen said the midwife told him that there are “placentas coming out [that] look like smokers’ lungs. She said none of this is normal. And everybody knows it. But nobody wants to talk about it.”

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“It is what they have done to children that will… create the anger, the legitimate anger of parents, which will bring this to an end,” the MP stated.

“Any society, as I said in my speech on the 16th of January, that deliberately sacrificed children to protect adults is rotten to the core.”

The one-hour interview covered a wide range of topics, including COVID-19 shot side effects, the dangers of the WHO, excess deaths, and political corruption in the U.K.

Bridgen warned that if the pandemic treaty and the amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR) were approved, it would give the globalist WHO “the ultimate power.”

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“These instruments give the ultimate power in the event of a public health emergency of international concern, which can be called for a human pathogen, an animal pathogen, or something to do with climate change,” he said.

The British MP also warned that the WHO is “completely unaccountable” since it cannot be taken to court “on any issue” and that Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the director-general of the WHO, “will… have the ability to call these public health emergencies and take these powers.”

“And then it’s clear they’re going to force 100-day vaccines, [with] no human testing, it’s going to be mRNA. So, 100 days from the declaration of a pandemic, there will be forced vaccination with experimental gene therapies. And we’ve seen the damage that they’ve done around the world last time.”

“We’ve had 100,000 excess deaths since the pandemic, and the vast majority of them are heart-related, heart failure,” Bridgen said. “And again, the government doesn’t want to talk about this. That’s why I was delayed for 26 sitting weeks of putting in for a debate on excess deaths [in Parliament].”

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Bridgen explains the corruption of the political system in the UK

Bridgen offered insights into the corruption of the political system in the U.K., noting that many facts are not common knowledge among most politicians because they do not verify or question data and narratives presented to them by the government.

“And there are none so blind as those who don’t want to see,” Bridgen mused. “You’d be amazed how few members of parliament do any research. They believe the handouts from the government whip’s office, they believe the government statements, they don’t go and verify anything for themselves, and they’re just completely captured in their ignorance.”

“And this is actually one of the things that I’m sure that a lot of people are asking themselves,” Montclairre responded. “What on earth is going on? Are they willfully blinded, the politicians? Are they just, you know, stupid? Are they corrupted?”

“It seems to me it’s a mixture of all those things,” Bridgen said.

“I think the politicians we’ve been getting, I think the quality is dumbed down. I think they are under a lot of pressure from the government to comply with whatever they want to do.”

“Obviously, it’s not a free and open parliament because if you speak out against anything that the government wants to do, then you’re never going to get promoted, and people want to be promoted. They seek higher office, and that only comes to the compliant. Whether that’s in the interest of the public or not, I think, is very, very debatable,” Bridgen said.

“Some of them are compromised, for sure. And some of them have certainly been corrupted,” he added.

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Regarding the political institutions in the U.K., Bridgen said that “not all the apples in the barrel are rotten, but all the apples at the top of the barrel are rotten, and any apple that wants to rise to the top has to rot on the way up or else you are not going up.”

“I was offered inducements […] over two years ago to keep quiet, and the offer was ‘anything I wanted. Just tell us what you want.’”

“I went back to them and said, ‘Well, if I can have anything I want, I think probably the resignation letter of the current prime minister would probably be a good start.’ And we didn’t go any further.”

“This is all carrot and stick; I’ve been offered the carrot; I didn’t take that, and so, therefore, you have to have the stick.”

Bridgen explained that his punishment, being dismissed from the Conservative Party and having his reputation destroyed, was also “a lesson to the others that if you speak out, this is what’s going to happen to you.”

“And that scared them,” he added. “Between the coercion, the bribery, and the corruption, they’ve got the vast majority of elected representatives doing things that are certainly not in the interests of the public.”

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“And, you know, the symbol of our parliament is a portcullis: the metal gate inside the drawbridge of the castle, the last defense of the castle.”

“Well, I’m afraid our castle is already taken; the keep has been infiltrated. I don’t mind going on the walls to defend the castle. But all the arrows are hitting me in my back. They’re coming from inside,” he concluded.

“I think it’s not an exaggeration to say that politicians around the world have committed an act of treason against the people,” Bridgen stated at one point in the interview.

“What we actually need is criminal prosecutions” of those responsible for the crimes of the COVID crisis, he said, because “people are going to have to be held to account.”

Bridgen, who said that he was injured by the second dose of the AstraZeneca COVID shot he received, started speaking out against the mainstream COVID narrative around two years ago and organized the first debate on excess deaths in the U.K. Parliament. He was expelled from the Conservative Party in April 2023 for criticizing the COVID injections and now serves as an independent MP.


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U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates