LONDON, September 23, 2005 ( – UK opposition Conservative Party MP Liam Fox suggested he is in favour of a reduction in the legally allowed age that an unborn child can be aborted, from 24 to 12 weeks.

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, Fox, who is the shadow foreign secretary, said, “A society which aborts 180,000 unborn children every year is a society that needs to be asking a lot of questions about itself.”

Vying for leadership of the opposition party, Fox, who is also a physician, also asserted that increased access to the morning-after pill by girls “sends the wrong message about the need for responsible sexual activity,” according to a report.

Britain’s Society for the Protection of the Unborn (SPUC) is not hopeful that Fox’s suggestion on lowering the age of gestation, if implemented, would make much of a difference to the abortion rate. SPUC stated, “Public concern about the number of abortions focuses on statutory time limits. But recent increases in the abortion rate are attributable to government policies, not legislation, which has not changed in recent years”