Tuesday January 26, 2010

British Survey Shows Increasing Openness to Homosexuality

By Patrick B. Craine

LONDON, England, January 26, 2010 ( – According to the findings of the newly-released, government-backed British Social Attitudes Report, British society has become more accepting of homosexuality.

One pro-family researcher reacted to the report’s findings, observing that the trend towards greater support for homosexuality will continue as long as media, schools, and government continue promoting homosexualism through what she called “massive propaganda.”

The report maintains that “society as a whole is becoming more liberal about homosexuality.” “The only barrier to this trend continuing,” it says, “would be an unforeseen event that affects people’s views.”

The survey asked respondents to complete the sentence “sexual relations between two adults of the same sex are…,” with possible answers of “always/mostly wrong,” “sometimes wrong,” “rarely wrong,” and “not wrong at all.”

The percentage of respondents answering that same-sex relations are “always/mostly wrong” rose between 1983 and 1987, from 63 percent to 75 percent, which the report says was linked to heightened concern over the AIDS crisis. The authors claim that after 1987 this percentage “has since declined steadily to reach 36 per cent at the most recent reading in 2007.”

However, the decline isn’t quite as uniformly “steady” as the authors report it to be, since the percentage of those disapproving of homosexual sexual relations has actually risen since the last report, in 2006.

While the percentage responding that same-sex relations are “almost/mostly wrong” dropped steadily from 1987 to 2006, from 75 percent to 32 percent, the data shows that this percentage rose in the most recent survey, up to 36 percent in 2007.

However, the findings do indicate a continuing upward rise among supporters of homosexuality. Those believing same-sex relations are “not wrong at all” composed 39% of respondents in 2007, up from 38% in 2006. Those numbers have been on a steady rise beginning in 1987, when the number was 11%.

“The type of massive propaganda that has been unleashed to legitimize homosexuality, both in the mass media and in the school system, and via [the] governmental officials, suggests very strongly that along with other forms of dysfunction in Western society, homosexuality will increasingly be acceptable,” said Dr. Judith Reisman, president of the Institute for Media Education, whose research has focused in particular on exposing what she calls the “fraudulency” and “sexual pathology” of those “sex scientists” who undergirded the sexual revolution.

Referring to the seeming reversal of the trend, Dr. Reisman stated that, “Those points may go up or down over time, but I don’t think that that is significant. That the public still withstands the pressure – the homosexual activist movement to legitimize this activity – is a sign of amazing resistance to my mind.”

“I don’t see any way of bringing the public into an awareness of what homosexuality is all about unless we do so in the court room,” she said, “and create the appropriate decisions … that will inform the public.”