LONDON, August 27, 2003 ( – A British fertility clinic had to break the news to a 13-year-old British teen that the man who was supposed to be his father is not—due to a mix-up at the IVF clinic.  DNA tests confirmed that the man he has all along regarded as his father “has no biological relation to him after his mother was given the wrong sperm,” said a report in The Independent newspaper.  “Now I can get on with the rest of my life. I am relieved to know the truth at last but I have no wish to know who my real father is,” the boy said, the latest victim of IVF mix-ups in Britain. Last year, a white couple gave birth to black twins after sperm samples were mixed up.  For coverage from The Independent:   For related LifeSite coverage:  British Fertility Clinics Accused of Risking HIV Spread U.K. COURT RULES IN IVF MIX-UP – Case illustrates bizarre consequences of IVF U.K. SPERM MIX-UP GIVES WHITE COUPLE BLACK TWINS