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LONDON (LifeSiteNews) — In a powerful indictment of the culture of death, a British television star-turned-pundit has denounced the “satanic insanity” of a High Court judge’s ruling against a 19-year-old girl’s right to receive life-supporting treatment.

Last week on his GB News talk show, the former Lewis actor and current politician Laurence Fox condemned Mrs. Justice Roberts’ judgment in favor of a National Health Service (NHS) trust against ST.

This ruling concerned not only “the removal of the ultimate freedom – that of life,” but is also “denying the family the right to speak publicly about the case and raise money for ST to go to Canada for that last chance of experimental life-saving treatment,” Fox told his audience.

Listing a series of recent outrages against freedom, including the freedom of speech, Fox culminated with what he called “the only unqualified right in the European Convention on Human Rights: the right to life.”

To introduce his thoughts about ST, Fox wondered aloud when it is that human beings find a hill that they are willing to die on.

“Is it when our speech is restricted to such an extent that to express an opinion freely rather than parroting conformity will result in total social ostracization and the loss of our livelihoods?” he asked.

“Is it when we are demonized for upholding bodily autonomy in the face of salivating tin pot totalitarians … keen to force us into undergoing novel experimental medical procedures?”

“…. Is it when we send our children to schools where teachers have been replaced with political activists, not knowing whether our kid will return home having been socially transitioned by some vengeful ideologue?”

“Or is it when the state decides whether a seriously ill yet fully conscious individual should be denied treatment and left to die to protect our NHS?”

“Which hill will you die on?”

Protecting the NHS was the primary justification given for the lockdowns and promotion of the so-called mRNA “vaccines” as a response to COVID-19. Now a reporting restriction order, or RRO, has criminalized the publication of ST’s name and those of her family, another injustice Fox condemned.

“Putting aside the, in my view, satanic insanity of Justice Robert’s judgement, the silencing of the family’s freedom of speech to speak about the case is an even starker wrong,” he declared.

Fox suggested that the reporting restrictions on the case serve to protect the NHS and the courts from public censure.

“It would seem that those who wish to insert new orthodoxies into the system learned their lesson from Charlie Gard,” Fox said. “There will be no tearful parents on TV sofas. There will be no innocent children’s faces on newspaper pages.”

Only one of similar scandals in recent years, the Charlie Gard case of 2017 resulted in widespread media coverage and considerable public sympathy. There were protests outside the courts, his hospital, and even outside Buckingham Palace. The appeal for infant Charlie Gard drew offers of support from the Vatican and from President Trump. As LifeSiteNewsreported, Gard’s parents were hosted at the White House.

Charlie Gard suffered from the same mitochondrial disorder as ST, and the UK courts upheld the decision of his NHS doctors to refuse to release him for the nucleoside treatment now sought by the 19-year-old.

Fox believes that “the decision to silence the girl and her family means there will be no discussion or debate, no sunlight to disinfect this egregious wrong, as ST continues to die while desperately trying to live.”

Lawrence Fox belongs to the second generation of a famous family of British actors and is best known for his role as Sergeant James Hathaway in the Inspector Morse spin-off series Lewis. He was dropped by his agents after making a series of controversial statements about racism. On a January 2020 episode of the BBC’s Question Time, Fox rolled his eyes when told he was a “privileged white male” and told his accuser that she was “being racist.” He subsequently infuriated fellow actors by refusing to support the Marxist Black Lives Matter movement.

In 2020 Fox founded a new political party, the Reclaim Party, because he believed that “freedom of speech was under grave peril” and also that “careerist” politicians had betrayed the people of Britain. Fox is also the leader of the “Bad Law Project,” a lobby group seeking to challenge “political ideology disguised as law” and offer support to those who have suffered from it