PLYMOUTH, June 27, 2003 ( – A British mother of four boys went to Spain to undergo a sex-selected IVF process in order to add some girls to her family. The woman, 33, said she is happy to have four boys but wanted to have daughters as well.

British law does not permit sex-selected IVF except to ‘weed out’ sex-linked genetic disease.

Nicola Chenery, 33, the mother seemed to understand full well that via the procedure she would be killing off the boy babies conceived and only allowing the girl babies a chance at life.  She said: “We already know that people do carry out abortions every single day up to 24 weeks gestation. How can we say that is OK to choose the gender of your child, which is perfectly fine in Britain up to 24 weeks gestation, but we can’t have gender choice at the four to five-day stage. … The British public practise freedom of choice, so that is the way it is.”  For BBC News coverage: