BOSTON, Jan 6 ( – Today, in an address to the Boston World Affairs Council, US Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan charged the current government and corporate elites with abandoning the American people and the country’s founding principles in pursuit of world government and a “New World Order.” “This, then, is the millennial struggle that succeeds the Cold War: It is the struggle of patriots of every nation against a world government where all nations yield up their sovereignty and fade away”, said Buchanan.  “It is the struggle of nationalism against globalism, and it will be fought out not only among nations, but within nations.”“From UN declarations of ‘world heritage sites’ in the U.S, to putting U.S. troops under UN command, to creation of a UN war crimes tribunal with the power to seize and prosecute U.S.  soldiers, we are on the road paved by Bill Clinton when he said that he hopes to leave America tied down in a web of global institutions.”

For the full speech see Buchanan’s website.