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ST. LOUIS (LifeSiteNews) — Bud Light announced this week that it is giving a $200,000 donation to an LGBT activist group while facing an ongoing boycott over its partnership with gender-confused “transgender” activist Dylan Mulvaney.  

The announcement, made on Monday by Anheuser-Busch InBev, the company that owns Bud Light, stated that the brand is making the donation to the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), an organization dedicated to promoting LGBT ideology in business, and extending its partnership with the group.

According to the company’s announcement, the donation is being made in support of the NGLCC’s Communities of Color (CoCi) Initiative, which is designed to support the growth and success of minority LGBTQ+-owned businesses.

The donation is also aimed at supporting the CoCi Biz Pitch program, where a “winning minority LGBTQ+ business owner will receive $5,000 and have the chance to go on to compete at the 2023 NGLCC International Business & Leadership Conference LGBT Biz Pitch Competition for $50,000 in cash and prizes. 

The donation marks the second year Bud Light that has made a donation to the NGLCC, and a statement released by Anheuser-Busch InBev said that, “We look forward to extending our work with the NGLCC to continue making a positive impact on the LGBTQ+ businesses that play a critical role in bringing people everywhere, together.” 

The donation comes amid an ongoing boycott against Bud Light after the company enlisted gender-confused “transgender” activist Dylan Mulvaney as a brand ambassador and sent him a personalized can of beer to celebrate the anniversary of his TikTok series “365 Days of Girlhood.”

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Since the start of the boycott, Anheuser-Busch InBev has seen a nearly 20% loss in stock value, with a stock price of $66 in April falling to $53, according to Forbes. The outlet also reported that the brand’s sales have been down 10% or more every week since the boycott began when compared to the same weeks last year.  

Indeed, data released to Newsweek by Bump Williams Consulting and Nielsen IQ show that Bud Light’s sales for individual units of beer were down 29.5% when compared to numbers from the same period last year, and the company has reportedlyoffered to buy back unsold beer from wholesalers due to the public relations catastrophe. 

The company, which has lost over $15.7 billion in market value since April from the boycott, remains a sponsor of multiple “pride” events across the country, including a Pride River Parade in San Antonio and the Cincinnati Pride Parade. 

Anheuser-Busch InBev is not the only company to suffer a boycott or face the threat of a boycott over the sale or promotion of LGBT-related materials. 

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Last month, retail giant Target was forced to move LGBT displays over backlash related to the sale of LGBT clothing designed for children, with news breaking after initial reporting that one of the merchandise’s designers is a gender-confused woman who also promotes satanism and violence against so-called “transphobes.” Target has since faced bomb threats from LGBT activists for moving the displays. The company has also lost $9 billion since the introduction of the “pride”-themed clothes. 

LifeSite reached out to Anheuser-Busch InBev for comment but has yet to receive a response.