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(LifeSiteNews) — The market capitalization of Anheuser-Busch, which owns Bud Light, dropped by $4 billion within days of a new partnership with Dylan Mulvaney, a gender-confused male.

“On March 31st, Anheuser Busch had a market capitalization of 132.38 billion dollars. By April 10th, that figure had dropped to $128.4 billion, with signs that the stock price will continue to fall,” The National Pulse reported. “Mulvaney, 26, posed with a Bud Light can in a bubble bath in early April, in a failed Bud Light marketing attempt to alter its targeted demographic.”

Mulvaney is celebrating “365 Days of Girlhood” in reference to his decision a year ago to start calling himself a woman. While a stock price from day to day is not indicative of long-term problems, the drop at least shows that Mulvaney’s new gig does not appear to be bolstering investor confidence in the beer company.

Other woke corporations have also piled on the bandwagon, as Mulvaney has secured deals with Nike to sell sports bras and with Kate Spade to sell women’s clothes.

President Joe Biden also endorsed the influencer’s charade by inviting him to the White House to discuss access to mutilating interventions for gender-confused individuals. When Mulvaney reached “365 days of being a girl” in March, Vice President Kamala Harris congratulated him with a personal letter, as previously reported by LifeSiteNews.

Mulvaney, who became famous for his “days of girlhood” TikTok series in which he posts a video every day sharing how he is living as a girl, has drawn attention and support from many leftist leaders, as LifeSiteNews previously reported. However, Mulvaney’s videos have received criticism from conservatives for the shallow way Mulvaney appears to play act as a girl, such as buying tampons and crying multiple times in one day.

Conservative commentator Liz Wheeler recently criticized Mulvaney’s act of declaring he could “steal a husband,” calling it “performance art” and “propaganda.”

LifeSiteNews’ Jonathan Van Maren has also criticized Mulvaney’s “ghoulish” partnership with Bud Light.

This isn’t about the customers – and it certainly isn’t about the sort of guys who buy Bud Light and watch sports,” Van Maren wrote. “This is about Bud Light attempting to brand themselves as more than a beer – they are now the sort of company that is willing to put a man identifying as a woman on a beer can in order to promote the one-year anniversary of that man identifying as a woman.”

“That’s not brand promotion – that’s rebranding. As for their customers who might not want to see Mulvaney leering at them while they take a swig? Shut up, give us your money, and drink, bigot,” he wrote. “Bud Light, like many other companies, is ashamed of their customer base.”