October 11, 2011 ( – In the past two weeks, two different groups of pro-life activists in Buffalo, New York, have been subjected to harassment: one group was pelted with feces and eggs, and another saw its pro-life display vandalized multiple times.

As reported last week, two students at the University of Buffalo (UB) were arrested after allegedly vandalizing a Cemetery of Innocents display set up by students at the university. Even after those arrests, however, the vandalism continued.

Students for Life of America reports that Students from UB Students for Life repaired the display after the vandalism, and were keeping a close eye on it when another group of students approached.


“Two began to rip up the crosses, and someone described as ‘older, at least 40 years old, and possibly a faculty member’ reportedly yelled ‘Hey ladies, let’s start a riot,’” according to a Students for Life update.  “This incited six more people to begin tearing up the crosses, which continued until campus police arrived.”

Several of these individuals were reportedly sent to the student judiciary for punishment.

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“It’s disappointing,” said Sara Buttitta, founder of UB Students for Life, to “The university is based on diversity. Our belief system may be different than a lot of other students, but we still want to be welcomed on campus.”

One of the students who was arrested, Jake DiVeronica, posted on his Facebook page admitting his guilt in the vandalism. “Several students have been arrested for interfering with it. (Myself included),” he said. “I merely kicked one of the crosses over when I thought nobody was around and was cuffed for 5 hours and charged.”

The other group of pro-life activists that was subject to harassment was the local 40 Days for Life Campaign.

According to, a group of about eight 40 Days participants was standing at the vigil site in the evening of Sept. 8, when three women in a car drove past the site and threw eggs and dog feces at the group, hitting several of the members in the face. This reportedly happened twice.

“The violence of this, of having it happen not once but twice, is troubling,” said Helen Westover, spokeswoman for the local 40 Days for Life.  “One begins to wonder that if they are not held accountable, what are they going to throw next? What is next?”