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July 29, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — In this week’s episode of The Ladies of Lifesite, Madeleine, Rebekah, and Clare talk about the beauty and importance of having a community, but also the real, human struggles that are experienced when building one. They share some ideas for women and mothers to keep lasting relationships, while also remaining honest and true to one’s uniqueness.

Describing the family as “the first community, that first kind of domestic church,” the Ladies highlight memories of spending time with family members, but even in instilling appreciation for community in young children and the next generation. They also point out the significance and the honest awkwardness of having your home open to visits from friends, family, or neighbors, especially when unexpected.

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The three Ladies say that even though it might be uncomfortable and difficult to accept or visit people, it is a crucial aspect to build community and lasting relationships — especially now, after more than a year of isolation with the COVID lockdowns. They honestly state how one hard step is to “get past our insecurities and vulnerabilities,” and to be a truly authentic and welcoming person, but also to accept rejection if it comes.

This special podcast provides you with an honest take on the day to day opportunities — for mothers especially — to form your own community wherever, or how small, it may be. The Ladies describe how you are “not alone in all of these jumbled emotions … when facing the prospect of community or even just trying to maintain the community that you have,” and they highlight some helpful and really practical ideas to help you get started.

After listening to this episode, the Ladies would love to hear from you about your own thoughts, questions, and comments regarding this podcast. How did you build your community? What are some tips you have for finding friends and keeping up friendships?

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