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SOFIA, Bulgaria, July 29, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – On Wednesday, LGBT campaigners won a partial victory in Bulgaria, where a court ruled to recognize the validity of the same-sex “marriage” of a pair of foreign women residing in the country.

Bulgaria is one of the 22 countries in Europe that doesn’t recognize same-sex “marriage.” Wednesday’s ruling came after Austalian Kristina Palma “married” French citizen Mariama Dialo and the couple subsequently wanted Bulgaria to allow Palma to live and work there because her “wife” is an EU citizen.

The court “affirmed Palma’s rights as the spouse of an EU citizen,” the Associated Press reported. The homosexual website Pink News celebrated the ruling.

It “was in accordance with a June 2018 European Court of Justice Ruling (ECJ) which means that EU nations must recognise same-sex marriages from other member states, even if they do not grant [gay ‘marriage’] to their own citizens,” a Pink News report said.

GayStarNews reported that pro-homosexual forces celebrated the ruling as one of “paramount importance” because “it gives hope to all same-sex couples, regardless of their citizenship, that their families will be recognized in Bulgaria.”