WASHINGTON, February 7, 2002 ( – The Department of Justice has filed a brief in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit to support Ohio’s restriction on partial-birth abortion. The brief argues that Ohio’s law restricting partial-birth abortion is different from the Nebraska law that was struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court in Stenberg vs. Carhart, and therefore should be upheld.

“Forced abortion,” Smith said, “as we all know, was properly ruled a crime against humanity at the Nazi War Crimes Tribunals that were held in Nuremburg. Enablers like the U.N. Population Fund, have white-washed these crimes [in China] for more than two decades.”

Smith said, according to Dr. John Ayer, a leading demographer of China, China’s population control program remains coercive today by design and intention. “Claims of moderation put forth by the UNFPA and other apologists, and repeated in the United States press, lack foundation.” Coercion in China will continue “as long as the United States and other countries go on ignoring the human rights violations in the program, and providing financial support and encouragement for it.”“I know that this administration believes passionately in the right to life and in all human rights,” he said. “I just ask you to put this higher on the visibility—on the dialogue—and let there be a tangible consequence if the Chinese just talk. but do nothing to mitigate these egregious abuses.”

Powell responded, “You can be sure the president does feel that way. And so we are very sensitive to the concerns you raise, and we will raise them with the Chinese later this month.”

Reacting to the news, Steve Mosher, president of Population Research Institute – the leading group in exposing the coercive abortion support of UNFPA – told LifeSite he is encouraged by the Bush Administration commitment to raise these issues with the Chinese. However, he cautioned, “Let’s be realistic, they will be dealing with top officials of the world’s most oppressive and totalitarian regime who are habituated in the art of double speak.” Mosher continued, “The most effective way for President Bush to end US support of forced abortion in China is to permanently zero fund UNFPA.”

Indeed the propaganda war has already begun. The London Telegraph reported Saturday that “Beijing is furious with Mr. Bush, who has been swayed by reports implicating the UNFPA in abuses of the one-child policy.” China’s foreign ministry told The Telegraph that the US had not made the ‘correct choice’. The communist regime spokesman lobbied hard for UNFPA funding saying, “Some Americans, acting regardless of the facts, have lobbied for the US to cancel its donation to the UNFPA. This is with ulterior intentions, and is unfavourable for international co-operation in population control.”