WASHINGTON, July 17, 2001 ( – The Wall Street Journal reports today that President Bush will not be making a decision on funding for destructive embryonic stem cell research until he returns from the G-8 summit meeting in Genoa, Italy. As LifeSite has already reported, the President has scheduled a meeting with Pope John Paul II for July 23, after his summit participation.

Deal Hudson, editor and publisher of CRISIS, an American Catholic magazine, commented recently on the Catholic web portal, Catholic Exchange (, that he believed “it would be preferable to meet the Holy Father face-to-face on the matter,” but presumed that Bush’s decision would be made prior to the meeting.

In related news, Senate Minority Leader Trent Lott has gone on record as opposing government funding of embryonic stem-cell research but saying he supports ethical stem cell research using adult cells.

Also, Concerned Women for America points out that embryonic stem-cell research, which destroys a human being, violates The Nuremberg Code, an ethical framework used to govern human research. The Nuremberg Code was formed after the atrocities committed in the name of science in Nazi Germany. The primary principle in the Nuremberg Code states, “Voluntary consent is absolutely essential.” The Code also prohibits experimentation that causes injury, disability or a person’s death. Both principles are violated in embryonic stem-cell research.

“The rules of ethical research were established in order to protect political outcasts,” said CWA’s Wendy Wright. “But these standards have been ignored in the debate over research on the tiniest and most vulnerable individuals in the human race.”

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