WASHINGTON, Mar 23, 2001 ( – Abortion supporters are in an uproar following President George W. Bush’s decision to end the American Bar Association’s traditional role of pre-screening federal judicial nominees. At the announcement of the decision, White House Counsel Alberto Gonzales said, “it would be particularly inappropriate, in our view, to grant a preferential, quasi-official role to a group, such as the ABA, that takes public positions on divisive political, legal and social issues that come before the courts.”

The ABA has become aggressively political in recent years. The organization openly endorses abortion, even opposing parental notification before young girls are permitted to kill their babies. It supports decriminalizing homosexual conduct, and it backed the agenda of the 1996 UN Women’s Conference in Beijing. A 1994 survey found that the ABA had taken uniformly liberal positions in more than 1000 political issue resolutions in the previous 25 years.

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