WASHINGTON, June 24, 2003 ( – The Boards of Directors of the Culture of Life Foundation (Washington DC) and the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM, New York City) announced today the formation of a strategic alliance between the two organizations.  The Directors of the Culture of Life Foundation further announced C-FAM President Austin Ruse will assume the title of President of the Culture of Life Foundation and will join its Board of Directors. Ruse will continue in his role as President of C-FAM and will run both organizations from the Culture of Life Foundation offices in Washington DC.  In an interview with LifeSite Ruse said he intended the Culture of Life Foundation to have an “international focus.”  Ruse described the foundation as a “think tank resource for the life movement anywhere and everywhere.” He told LifeSite that the foundation is planning conferences on issues such as stem cells and cloning.  It’s experts in law, medicine and ethics will issue scholarly papers to contribute to the public policy debate on life issues worldwide.  Ruse ensured that C-FAM will continue its role as a watchdog of the UN and will maintain its office in New York. He said “C-FAM will expand its purview to include the U.S. State Department and all other federal agencies that affect international social policy.”  As part of the agreement, besides Ruse, two other C-FAM Directors will join the Culture of Life Foundation Board. They are Robert Royal, President, Faith and Reason Institute, and Steve Mosher, President, Population Research Institute.