LONDON, September 24, 2013 ( – A cab driver has been sentenced to six years in jail after admitting that he tied up his pregnant girlfriend and forced her to ingest abortion-inducing drugs that killed their baby daughter.

The child, who was born breathing at 19 weeks' gestation, survived for 10 minutes outside the womb, but died before paramedics arrived on April 10.

Ahmed Raofi, a 29-year-old native of Afghanistan who now drives a minicab in London, met Irene Santos in 2011. The two quickly began a sexual affair.


Santos – a 39-year-old citizen of the Philippines – was aware that he was married at the time and, according to the judge, knew that he was not seeking a committed relationship.

In January, when Raofi returned to Afghanistan to visit his wife, Santos told him over Skype that she was pregnant. He immediately pressured her to abort, but she refused.

“In February he had tried to take Ms. Santos to an abortion clinic and booked an appointment for her but she refused to go through with it,” Prosecutor David Markham said. “He told her that he would wait until she was seven months pregnant then, in his words, 'punch it out of her.'”

“Overtures to Ms. Santos to terminate the baby were to no avail and yet apparently she continued throughout to love you dearly,” Judge Aidan Marron told Raofi at Friday's hearing.

When she rebuffed his pressure, he began researching how to induce an abortion online. Abortion advocates around the world, including Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, have posted instructions on how to induce a self-abortion by using Cytotec.

However, Santos' abortion was anything but a self-directed affair.

On April 9, Raofi invited her back to his apartment and had sex with her. Then he taped her hands, feet, and mouth, and forced four misoprostol pills inside her vagina.

She lost her baby within 24 hours.

Santos told her midwife the reason for her miscarriage, and authorities arrested Raofi on April 12.

He entered a guilty plea to administering a poison with intent to procure a miscarriage.

“You denied a woman of a much-wanted child and the damage to that woman is manifestly profound,” Judge Marron told Raofi in Blackfriars Crown Court before sentencing him to six years.

Detective Constable Aroon Rashid of Islington Community Safety Unit told local media the conviction should “encourage anyone who has been through a similar experience to contact police and have faith that we will deliver them justice.””

Santos is far from alone.

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In the United States, Andrew John Welden signed a plea bargain earlier this month, admitting that he tricked his ex-girlfriend into taking an abortion-inducing drug that aborted their baby. He mislabeled a bottle of Cytotec as Amoxycillin.

His assault on Remee Jo Lee and their unborn child occurred around the same time. Lee miscarried on Easter Sunday.

Pro-life advocates say the ready availability of misoprostol and other abortion-inducing drugs – a political victory of the abortion lobby – will lead to greater carnage, as well as trauma for expectant mothers.

“Misoprostol is a favorite of international abortion advocates. Several groups are working to make misoprostol easy to obtain – by anyone,” pro-life leader Wendy Wright said. “Pro-life advocates warn that easy access to misoprostol will result in women with wanted pregnancy being forcibly aborted.”