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Pastor Derek Reimer speaks with a reporter from the back seat of a police cruiser after his arrest.Twitter

CALGARY, Alberta (LifeSiteNews) — Christian pastor Derek Reimer was arrested Thursday afternoon by members of the Calgary Police Service (CPS) after being warned the previous day there were two warrants out for his arrest because he protested at a children’s drag queen story time at a public library last weekend.

A video posted online by Rebel News shows Reimer, who serves as the pastor of Mission7 street ministry, being put into the back of a police cruiser by two female officers.

A male officer in the video made sure to block the sidewalk so the Rebel News reporter could move closer to the cruiser. However, the reporter was later able to approach the police car holding Reimer, who had his window down.

Before the window was raised, Reimer could be heard saying, “This is what happens when we go against the drag queens.”

Reimer told LifeSiteNews yesterday that Democracy Fund is helping to fund his legal defense through the help of Rebel News.

LifeSiteNews was unable to reach Reimer this afternoon for comment. However, the pastor did promise yesterday that he would provide updates to his case as he is able.

On Wednesday, Reimer had a CPS officer show up at his house to tell him that he would soon be arrested and charged.

This past Saturday, Reimer had been protesting at a kids’ drag queen story time event held at the Seton Calgary public library.

The officer then told Reimer that he was “going to be arrested for it and charged,” later adding that warrants would soon be out for his arrest on charges of mischief and causing a disturbance.

On Saturday, he was forcibly removed from the Seton library after protesting at a children’s drag queen story time event.

Reimer told LifeSiteNews that his mission is to speak the truth as handed down by Jesus in the Gospels, and that is why he and others were protesting.

Reimer, in speaking with LifeSiteNews on Tuesday, said Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek’s city officials threatened to come after him with a “hate crime” investigation.

He said that despite being threatened with charges, he has vowed to continue to expose the “evil” of what he says is the “perversion and the indoctrination” of kids.

Gondek promised three weeks ago to use the city’s street harassment bylaw to go after protesters after some drag queen story time events were postponed due to protests. She said protesters could face fine of $500 in order to combat “hate and fear mongering.”

In speaking with LifeSiteNews, Reimer said that Gondek is “coming against us and to enforce her street harassment bylaws.”

Calgary police said Monday that they have launched a criminal investigation into Reimer.

“(We) continue to review witness statements, video footage and other evidence from this event to determine any potential charges,” a spokesperson for Calgary Police Service said. “Our hate crimes coordinator will be reviewing all evidence to determine if any individual’s actions met the threshold to be considered a hate-motivated crime.”